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{ Presentation }

My name is Danael BRAUX. I studied at EPITA, an engineering school in Paris. Passionate about computer science and more particularly about cybersecurity, I follow training linked to it since high school. So that’s where I want to specialize.

{ Formations }

[Engineering degree] Systems and cybersecurity


/2020 - 2023/

During my training, I actively participated in the student life of the school and class. I was an apprentice representative in the office of the student office for 1 year, and delegate of our class for 2 years.

Major Cybersecurity and System:

  • Network design (LAN, MAN, WAN)
  • Secure programming (ANSSI stakeholder)
  • Security (malware analysis, forensic analysis, vulnerability exploitation, reverse engineering, pentest)
  • Programming (C, C++, bash, pyhton, SQL, assembler, projects: 42sh and malloc)
  • Systems (operating system principles, low level operation, kernel)
  • Windows Security and Active Directory (Microsoft courses)
  • English
  • Cultural shock (stay abroad)

[Summer school] Management and humanities

Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) - Porto, PORTUGAL

/july 2022/

During this month in Porto, I took these courses, entirely in English, at ISEP:

  • Professional ethics in engineering and new technologies
  • Society, Equality and Diversity
  • Cross-cultural management and communication in english
  • "Business Week" (business creation simulation)
  • Team building

This summer school also allowed me to discover, and appreciate, the city of Porto and the Portuguese culture.

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[Two-year university technology degree] Networks, systems and telecommunications

IUT Grand Ouest - Caen, FRANCE

/2018 - 2020/

This diploma allowed me to develop and diversify my knowledge. During this training, I was able to deepen my network and system skills, but I also discovered programming and algorithmics. Through my alternation as Customer Business Manager at Orange, I discovered the project management and customer relationship aspect of the IT field.

[Professional baccalaureat] Networks, systems and telecommunications

Lycée pro coetlogon - Rennes, FRANCE

/2015 - 2018/

This baccalaureate in electronic and digital systems option telecommunications & networks allowed me to have solid foundations in networks and systems administration. A training combining theoretical teachings and practice through TP and 22 weeks of internships.

{ Professional experiences }

Consulting engineer

Davidson Consulting - Rennes, FRANCE

/07.2023 - today/

Mission "Windows administration & support" :
As a member of our client’s IT infrastructure team, I was responsible for maintaining and supporting about 20 VMs used to connect to customers' VPN. This represents about thirty different VPNs to troubleshoot and maintain to ensure the quality of the interventions of tele-maintainers. I wrote and updated the login documentation. I also studied a solution to improve this VPNs infrastructure which is currently quite complex to manage. For this, I proposed to turn to IaC-oriented solutions (Infrastructure as Code): Terraform, Packer.

[apprenticeship] System & network administrator

Citedia - Rennes, FRANCE

/2021 - 2023/

Ensure the proper functioning of the IT infrastructures at the different sites : administration, operation and support of systems and networks (LAN, MAN, WAN, telephony, servers).
Beyond these missions, I was able to diversify and be a force for proposal. With the approval of the hierarchy, I developed and put into production applications that meet concrete business needs.
Take into account user's requests and assist them in case of breakdown or difficulties.

[apprenticeship] Virtualization and cloud-computing administrator

Orange Business Services - Rennes, FRANCE

/2020 - 2021/

As part of the managed services agreement offered by Orange for EDF ("Electricité de France", french supplier of electricity), my mission is to install, update and maintain the VM and ESX fleet in accordance with the customer’s requests. I must also handle incidents and contribute to customer reporting.

[apprenticeship] Client Affairs Manager

Orange Business Services - Caen, FRANCE

/2018 - 2020/

Management and deployment of Orange "enterprise" offers by ensuring customer relations and its quality all along the deployment : Plan, organize and track the deployment of each of my customers’ orders through to billing. Manage a portfolio of orders.

[internship] Systems and Database Infrastructure Technician

Biocoop - Rennes, FRANCE

/01.2018 - 03.2018/

Migration of the GLPI server (with its services) to its latest stable version according to the required specifications.

[internship] Technician / assembler informatic

Actual Computer - Rennes, FRANCE

/11.2017 - 12.2017/

  • Desktop computer assembly according to the customer’s needs (games, office automation, image processing,...)
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance on customer machines
  • Preparation for the sale of new equipment (fixed computers and laptops): deployment of a "prepared" Windows image with Symantec Ghost

[internship] Informatic technician / customer receptionist

Numeri-Ouest - Rostrenen, FRANCE

/04.2016 - 06.2016/

  • Welcome and customer management (advice, material management, sales)
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance on the customer’s computer to resolve the failure
  • Preparation for the sale of new equipment (fixed and portable computers) : Windows configuration, basic softwares installation (browser, video player, office suite,...)

{ My skills }

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{ Certifications }

~ Fortinet ~

Fortinet Certified Associate in Cybersecurity

/02.2024 - 02.2026/

The FCA certification validates your ability to execute high-level operation of FortiGate devices. This curriculum will offer a course that covers the fundamental operating procedures for the most common FortiGate features.

Certification number: 0777795068BD

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~ References ~

Philippe DUBOIS, team manager

Orange Business Services

❞Danael worked as a Customer Affairs Manager in my team for 2 years. He has evolved well throughout this period to complete his mission by managing his files independently. He is a serious collaborator who is interested in the missions he is asked to carry out. I recommend.❞